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Kyanite is a Homeworld gem, and AmethystPearlFusion's OC.

Personality Edit

Kyanite is incredibly optimistic. She has a positive outlook on life, and tries to look on the bright side of situations. She tends to get a bit carried away under pressure, and cannot handle stress rationally. She is very sensitive, and will cry if anyone she loves or cares about, yells at her.

Appearance Edit

Kyanite is five feet tall, with azure blue colored skin, spiky blue hair that extends slightly past her neck, and midnight blue eyes. Her outfit consist of a sleeveless grey V-neck uniform. Her suit is grey, with a black diamond outline around the cut-out of her chest area, meeting to form Blue Diamond's insignia. Along with that, she wears a pair of black leggings and teal boots. Her gem is a heart-shaped Kyanite, with a sapphire-like blue color, located on her chest.

History Edit

Kyanite was created sometime during the rebellion. She was used to track down Gems for Blue Diamond, with her amazing sensory skills. Years after the rebellion, she was taught everything about "The Void", the place where dead Gems go, by her teacher, Snowberry Crystal. She became fascinated with dead Gems, and how to bring them to life. She recently learned how to bring back Gems from the dead, even though it's not the way she suspected it to be.


Blue DiamondEdit

Blue Diamond is Kyanite's diamond, who she is loyal to.


Kyanite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. Kyanite is not very skilled at fighting or using her gem weapon, so she chooses to avoid fighting as much as possible.

Kyanite's Scythe

Kyanite's Scythe.

  • Enhanced Senses: Kyanite has a strong sixth sense, being able to sense things within a mile radius.
    • Enhanced Smell: Along with that, she can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track targets with nothing but her nose. She may even be able to detect lying, sicknesses, or tumors by which hormones/smells a target excretes.
  • Resurrection: Kyanite can temporarily bring dead Gems, shattered remains of broken Gems that still contain remnants of the original Gem's form or Gems whose gemstone was destroyed, back to life. The resurrected can be told apart by their black eyes.
    • Limiations: Any Gem she revives has 30 minutes before their gem completely disappears from existence. While she can revive multiple Gems at once, their time will be divided evenly. If she were to revive 2 Gems, they would only have 15 minutes until they die again, 4 Gems would have 7 and a half minutes, etc.


Image Description
Kyanite gemstone for opal
Kyanite's gemstone is located on the center of her chest.

the front and back are symmetrical. It is a smooth ellipsoid with no facets, its in the shape of a heart.


Real Kyanite

A Kyanite in real life.

Gemstone Information

  • Its name is derived from the Greek word 'kuanos' or 'kyanos', which means 'deep blue', alluding to its typical blue color.
  • When kyanite is cut parallel to its long axis, its hardness can range from 4 to 4.5 on the Mohs scale, but when cut perpendicularly, its hardness can range from 6 to 7.
  • Kyanite most often occurs in various shades of blue. It is less commonly colorless, white, gray, green, yellow or orange. The colorless form is the rarest, though not the most valuable form of kyanite.
  • Orange kyanite was recently discovered in Tanzania. Large teal crystals have also recently been found in Kenya's Umba Valley.
  • Kyanite is believed to aid with self-expression and communication. It is also thought to strengthen supernatural abilities.
    • In addition, kyanite is thought to be able to open the body's center for communication.
  • Kyanite is often confused with blue sapphire and topaz.
  • Kyanite is fairly durable, but compared with many other gemstones, it is a little fragile. Like diamond and topaz, kyanite has perfect cleavage that can cause the stone to split with a single hard knock or blow. It is softer than diamond, sapphire, spinel and many other popular gems.


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